Reader Remarks

Heroine, Kate Clark has inner strength.  I love it.  I wished more women stood up to men the way she does.  I can hardly wait to see what she does in the sequel.  I’m sure it will be earthshaking.    
- Constance H.

The author captured the heart ache and emotional distress I experienced when I learned my man suffered with CTE, the brain disorder caused by the concussions he suffered playing football.  As with Jarrett Sinclair, his radical mental swings were devastating to him and the people around him.  What a price he paid for playing the game he loved.  
- Janet F.

I admired how Kate stood by the man she loved as the effects of CTE slowly ate away at his brain.  She had good reason to leave him after discovering he was the one trying to break up her ranch, but didn’t.  
- Dorothy C.

Oh wow!  Two strong willed people having it out.  The classic battle between the sexes, but better.  She won.  I loved it.  Give me more.  

- Gretchen D.

The director of medical foundation in the book has an ego even bigger than the director of the group I work for but leave it to Kate,
to rein him in.  Good for her. 

-  Francine H.

The collection of characters I love.  Their differences made for interesting reading.  I could not put it down.  I can hardly wait for the sequel.
- Mary S.